Candlemas, a unique tradition!

The octave of Candlemas begins the 2nd February, at 5am, with the procession of the Black Virgin. The start of the procession is given on the Quai des Belges and goes to the Abbey of Saint Victor. In front of the Abbey, the Archbishop, in the presence of the Mayor, gives the blessing of the city, the sea, the Abbey's green candles, and the Candlemas' Solemn Mass is celebrated.

At 8am, the Archbishop comes to the Four des Navettes to give the blessing of the oven and the famous navettes!

Do you know the Four des Navettes' tradition? Keep a navette which have received the Archbishop’s blessing and a green candle until the next Candlemas to bring happiness to your family. A year later, you burn the candle and eat the navette, because it keeps a whole year!

On Candlemas day, hundreds of people are present to buy blessed navettes and eat them. Come here the next 2nd February at 8am!